Seasonnal activities


White magic, the landscape have new make-up

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Life becomes a dream. Thousands of kilometres of snow-covered trails welcome snowmobilers. Well-groomed snowmobile trails link the regions of Mont-Laurier, Saint-Michel-des-Saints and Parent.

Domaine Lounan is right in the heart of the “Coureur des Bois” trails, which can also be reached by Trans-Québec trails 13 and 33.

There are kilometres of powder snow for daredevils who fancy off-trail snowmobiling.

Other Activities

Ice fishing is offer on reservation for group. You can also venture on snowshoes and cross-country skis and skate on the Tauront Lake.


The awakening of nature

The snow has barely melted that Domaine Lounan becomes a world of adventure. Few are the regions where the yellow walleye and the speckled trout swim in the same lakes, a promise of quality and varied exceptional fishing.

Lookouts here and there allow guests to take a breather and admire the impressive nature. At daybreak, watch the awakening of nature and discover the behaviour of the moose. At sunset, get a ride to the milieu where black bears are found, you’re sure to be astonished..


It is familly fun

Over and above fishing and wildlife observation, you can enjoy several water activities, namely, canoeing, pedal-boating and of course, swimming at our magnificient beach.

Domaine Lounan gives hiking, cycling and quad enthusiasts the opportunity to enjoy several kilometres of forest trails, to explore every nook and cranny or have a picnic near one of the 32 lakes and rivers.


A full spectrum of colours

Starting mid-September a colour performance is featured for a few weeks. The variegated scenery is flabbergasting, whole patches of forest are multicoloured and dazzling.

No matter what leisure or sport activity you practise, any outing is pure bliss.